Friday, February 20, 2009

Creating a Reusable Mold

The other day I came across a little face sculpture that I had
created some time ago ... What can I say? I was inspired. I have
so many ideas and would just love to produce a whole series; a
wall of these little guys. So I've decided to make multiples of
this one and others to come. Check out this piece as I take it
from the original sculpture through the mold making process.
Above is the sculpted piece ready for casting.

I make a wall around the original to retain the liquid rubber
and apply a releasing agent.

The amber liquid is slowly poured in on the original.

Once cured, the original is pulled out and the mold is ready for casting.

Here's a shot of the poured plaster in the mold. I have used a special
hydrostone plaster that is used in high end statuary which takes paint
quite nicely.

Voila! The demolded sculptures.

Building an inventory

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  1. I've just gone through your entire blog and I love it-but you must be really organised to get all these things done.I'm so jealous!!!